Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pinterest is Where We Go

Pinterest is where we go to plan imaginary weddings, dress children we don't have, and decorate homes we can't afford.  That maybe somewhat true.  But I have to say it is quite inspirational for me.  I have worked today on my washroom.  I am bound and determined that I will get it cleaned up, organized, and creat my special place for my crafting and sewing.  And I actually think that I may be able to do it all on a budget.

 I have a six drawer chest out in my shed that I plan to pull into my home and paint to start storing my stuff in.  I will build shelves from cardboard boxes for storage to go on top of that.  I also have a desk that I can pull in from the dining room (this will also give me some much needed space in that room as well).  And I will put my sewing machine on top of the desk.

Today I got started and it has been a real chore since that room is as large as about any other room in the house and has played catch all since I moved in 10 years ago.  But I got a tall cabinet moved from one corn to another and all organized for starters.  It is probably going to take me months to get it all the way I want it and right now the wall that I plan to move this all too has exercise equipment and a large box ready to go to a yard sale.

So...all in all I'm off to a good start I think.  And back off to Pinterest for more inspiration.