Tuesday, October 1, 2013

sighs...it is me the bad blogger again

Really I am just no good at this...but am feeling a need to communicate tonight.  I went into the hospital over the weekend with kidney stones and came home with a stint to allow the fluids to drain from my kidney as apparently this kidney stone is blocking and causing infection.  I have to go back for more x-rays and to have them busted up over the next two weeks.  My health has really gone down bad.  I feel like I have aged 10 years in the last two.  So now to what I am needing to get off my chest.  This trip has made me realize that I have to take my health into my own hands.  I need to lose over 100 lbs and I have to do it.  Twice while in the hospital my diabetes was bad enough that they felt that I needed insulin.  So I have to say this here and say it out loud...I need to start a journey of weight lose and healthier eating and life style.  So I am open to any comments of encouragement.

Wonder if this could make me a better blogger?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Well I am the worst blogger ever but I will not give up...trudging on.....

I did finish up my chemo and I've had pet scans and tests after tests and so far there is no signs of the cancer returning...and the tests have finally now slowed down some...don't have to go for another until October....just keep praying that God will see to it that nothing comes back

Things have finally slowed down for my family...my parents are getting good visitation with my great nephew...and we can thank God for all these blessings...

Cannot tell you how happy I am that I can create a nice positive post here.

Some time back I ran across a very nice blog that had some angel wings that I so would love to try to recreate...not sure if the young woman that created these knows what a talent she has...but I love them...Christmas Angel Wings

Friday, December 14, 2012

I feel like I am such a drag but seriously this has possibly been the worst year of my life.  First early in the year I lost a dear sweet cousin and the day that she died I got results back from a biopsy that said that I have rectal cancer.  I finished up my first round of chemo and the radiation treatments that came with the first round.  About 5 weeks into the treatment I got very ill and had to be hospitalized.  I really thought it was the end because I have never been so sick.  But thankfully God gave me good news after that the tumor was gone and I did not have to have surgery.  I am still having to finish up with another round of chemo.  But then the Saturday after Thanksgiving this year my dad found my 20 year old niece on the floor of her bedroom dead.  It has been such a shock for my family and we have all been so heart broken.  Because she was so young she had to be sent for an autopsy so we had to go from Saturday to the following Friday before we could bury her.  On the Monday after she passed we called a lawyer to help us with guardianship of her 5 year old son but the lawyer said that his father had already petitioned for custody.  So the Tuesday before we buried my niece we were in court for a decision about her son.  He was pulled from my parent's home where he had lived for the last 4 years of his life and place with his father.  No child support of any significance had ever been paid by him but my niece had wanted him to be a part of the little boy's life and so had allowed him to visit every other Saturday.  So since there are no grandparent rights he was pulled from the only home he had known for 4 years and place in the home with his father and a step-mother of only about 6 months.  Apparently there will not be much that we can do about this.  He says that my parent's home is his home.  So yes it has been a long hard year.  I pray that God will watch over this little boy.  Help him deal with this and not be destroyed by it.  And I pray that he will remain with my family that we can still have some visitation with him and that God will guides us to help him with this transition in his life.  If you read my post...please please send up a prayer for him and for our family as well.

Ok, so this is the end of my gloom and doom post and let me end with something that I hope is a bit more positive.  I was able to get my home decorated before Thanksgiving and I'll share my picture here for you.