Friday, March 14, 2014

Eli's Quilt

He he he...I am so proud of myself...I have actually posted several times this year.  I don't know that I could ever be a great blogger...but considering how bad I have been about it in the past...well lets just say remembering to blog more than once in a year is really good for me...and woooooo hoooooo...I have far exceed that one for this year. what I wanted to share is that I have finished the last quilt.  It was started for my grandson Eli.  Made from old jeans of the people he loves.  When I told him that I was going to make a quilt for him he was so excited.  He said that when it was done he was going to go to bed with it...put his remote in one pocket...and his snack in another and not getting out of bed.  That made me smile. 

When I did Trev's quilt I actually did not quilt the blocks but for Eli's I decided to machine quilt each block and you can see a close up of some of that in this post.  It is the first machine quilting that I did.  I like the stippling but I'm not very good at it so it is going to take some practice I think.  I also joined his blocks just a bit differently I really like how his turned out better and now I am a bit concerned how Trev's will hold up in the wash since the blocks were not I may have to make Trev another one after I have finished one up for all the other boys.  I seem to be getting better with each one.  LOL...and probably may have to cycle thru them all once I really get the hang of this.  The great thing about doing these for the boys though is that if I have a small my stippling not quite being up to par...they really don't care...they are just proud of their quilts.  Hope you enjoy the pictures of Eli's quilt.

And finally the best part...Eli enjoying his quilt...